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Arashi Posters and 'mousepad' for sale =)

Please refer to my blog on http://lawliett79.livejournal.com/9307.html

5 A2 Arashi posters for sale, the last one not pictured is the same as the #4 Arashi mousepad, the brown background one.

2 Jun
2 Arashi
1 Sho

Can ask for registered mail, that is the only form of mailing I will do for these items.

Arashi Items for sale

I am selling some Arashi items as I got into a purchasing frenzy when I stepped into some fanshops in Japan. I ended up buying too many and have no space to put them up / store them, so am releasing them for sale.

I did not measure the size of the posters accurately, but is about A2 size and the plastic mousepads are smaller than A4 (but not half).
Arashi posters A2 - $18 each

Arashi mousepad / large photo: qty 2 (glossy plastic, front and back images) $15 each

what you see in pic one are the fronts, and the pic two are the backs. So it will be jun-jun, and sho-sho. Sho SOLD.

#1 Jun

#2 Arashi
2013-10-20 19.06.19
2013-10-20 19.06.28

#3 Sho
2013-10-20 19.06.57
2013-10-20 19.07.08

#1 Jun
2013-10-20 19.07.52
2013-10-20 19.07.59

#4 Arashi
2013-10-20 19.09.03
2013-10-20 19.09.10

#5 Jun
2013-10-20 19.09.45
2013-10-20 19.09.53

Contact me to arrange for meetup. Pls put "Arashi posters/mousepad" in heading, email to l.lawliett79@gmail.com

Why I want to be Haroro [Running Man]

Right. Ahem.

So I decided to jump on the Running Man bandwagon. I started watching it sometime ago last year (2012), courtesy of my bro, who started watching courtesy of my cousin.

I quote verbatim what I said to him when he tried to stuff one episode down my throat:

"Stupid show you still watch. Don't want, lah." *turns away*

The second time he tried:

"So stupid, not funny at all....wtf are they doing?? Are they dumb or what?? OMFG SO STUPID!!" *incoherent with laughter*

And that was...episode one..anyway, the episode they had to race around in mobile metal clothes racks, wearing the clothes on the hangers attached to the rack.

Starts at 00:25:38

Oh gawd. Whoever comes up with the ideas?! They're so dumb they're ingenius!

And now my brother is the one telling me:

"Stupid show for stupid people, huh? And you're watching a 'stupid show'."

But anyway, during the entirety of the first episode, I could not differentiate who was who. I only could tell Suk Jin & Jae Suk from the rest, and only cos they were older and had specs, and I was already falling for Yoo. And Jong Kook too, cos he's a muscleman, and who would not notice a hulking man with ginormous muscles? But I wrote him (JK) off immediately..

Funnily enough though, although I was obsessed with Suk Jin for a bit cos he really is suave for an older man, he slowly became one of my least 'liked' cos he's just...not so capable and not as funny.

MC Yoo is still number one. Slowly, I started liking Jong Kook (sweet, gentle guy). And Haha.

HARORO!!! Why? See below.

I wanna be ha dong hoon.


1. He is a huge fan of MC Yoo.

Haha relaxing MC Yoo.

2. He gets to kiss MC Yoo.

Haha kissing MC Yoo. Eros God - Episode 100

3. He looks cute in ridiculous clothes and poses.

Haha doll

4. He's got a cute nickname.


5. His nickname is a combination of his + his fav character's name.


6. He often dresses like his favourite character.


7. He still looks exactly the same as when he was a baby.


8. He can dance/scream/curse oh-so-well.

9. He gets to act as a playboy and people find it amusing. [I can't find a good playboy image of him. He calls every female guest his 'last love' BEFORE he got married.]

Haha seductive

10. He gets Jong Kook as his hyung.

Jong kook Gary Haha

Oh, wait. He gets to kiss Jong Kook also.



Here's the lead-up:


You can see miss Mong beside Haha and Flower Joong Ki beside Jong Kook.


And Jong Kook's reaction:


I remember, it was cos of Mong Ji's action; she pushed Haha's head.

And Haha cried like he got molested lol. *head down weeping on table*


How not to love a kid man like that, I ask you?!

But I can kind of imagine Haha like this instead:



Haha is soooo cute!!! I kind of wanna make a personalized item with his face on it :X Even though MC Yoo is my favourite.

Retail Therapy ~~

Got these on Thursday! Threadless shirts!

Haul!Collapse )

Funny conversation 30 July '11

“Play scissors-paper-stone with me?”












“If you don’t play with me, I will…not let you play with me.”


*gasp* *stares at me with wide, calculative eyes*


“Mummy! Blackmail! Mum – ”


“I’m sorry! I’m just kidding!”


“Mummy!! Oh my gawd!”


“I’m sowwyyy!! Just kidding!!”


“Aww someone looks like she’s going to cry, huh?”

*both of us crack up*


And she’s only six.



A particular scene in Deathly Hallows 2..

Spoiler alert!! Do not read if you have not read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and/or watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!


Especially if you have not watched it. I don’t want to ruin the show for you!


And it’s no fun to anticipate something, trust me! (just in case it falls flat of what you imagine after reading something e.g. a review, thoughts by fellow movie-goers) Come back and read it when you’ve watched the movie!


Read more...Collapse )


Oct. 5th, 2010

I don't like to talk.....generally. Although with people I'm close to, I could perhaps talk their ear off..

I especially don't like it when I'm with someone, and there is no conversation going on; I feel awkward, and force myself to think of things to fill up that terrible, terrible sound of silence. But in situations like these, the only "fillers" I can think of are nonsensical rubbish that do not interest the other party.....and we lapse into silence again.. But sometimes....I meet up with people who just....for lack of better description...just talk too much. As much as I don't like people who are too quiet (but if we can't click, it can't be helped - I'd rather be shot of people l can't click with), I also despise it when people talk too much.

Too loudly, too exuberantly (can anyone be so hyper and happy all the time? to be at that level of happiness all the time?). As if to prove a point. What point? The fake exuberance can be smelt from miles away! The only people who can click with such people, are, IMHO, birds of the same feather. And I do not belong in that group.

I tried (just to experience what it was like being in such a group, for a day), but that sapped the energy out of me. And I felt like I was betraying myself by betraying my own, true, emotions and feelings. Worth it? No. But people who use fake exuberance to 'reel' in others, seem to attract more people than quiet ones like me. Can the others not read them?

Of course, I'v met loads of people who are naturally exuberant. That is what makes them cute, and the reason why I actually LIKE them. As opposed to having to pretend to like those fake-ly exuberant people. (And I don't pretend very well, just ask those people who know I don't like them)


Anyway, my point being that I have to be around people constantly...and....one of whom just talks too much *big sigh* It takes ages to walk to our point of destination, another age to eat, and yet another age to walk back. Lunch hour gone. -.-" It's not that I don't like her...don't get me wrong. Just, I like peace and quiet. Talking nineteen-to-the-dozen is fine, but not when we're not that close, and the topics are not mutually common interests...instead, it's me who has to find 'common ground', so to speak, so that it is not a one-sided conversation. (although it mostly is)

I seem to attract alot of lonely people, and 'outcasts'...must be those 'listener' cues I give out. Those head-nodding, mm hmm?, yea?, uh huh?, exactly! gestures. My second-youngest cousin talks my ear off, at my previous company this old guy (extremely intelligent and opinionated!) talked my ear off, now there's this other lady who also talks my ear off.

WHY?! Do I have this benign, kindly, understanding look on my features? No I don't! In fact I believe I give that I'm-busy-don't-talk-to-me look to people, that's why most people don't talk to me. So, why?!

This is torture, especially for a girl who likes nothing better than to curl up with a book. Yes....the library's one of my fav places.

もちろん、友達がほしいです。But too much, too fast? To put it crudely, it's like them attempting to dig your nose when you aren't even prepared to let them close enough to touch your nose.


Thoughts of Jackson's passing II

Caught some of Jackson's music videos on youtube.

Didn't know how a guy could dance so fantastically and yet not be seen as 'gay'.. Cos some moves really are 'gay' when performed by anyone else other than him.

I don't see Michael's dances as crude even though he does that hip jerk, crotch grabbing... that's how slick his dance moves are. Damn when I see anyone else dancing like that.. I'm like, eeww.

His moonwalk rocks!! Omg what a talent...

www.youtube.com/watch =-----> Michael Jackson - Bad

This one is Michael with his 'lighter black' skin, but his features starting to become what we know now. But his lips not as bian-looking yet.

But Michael looks like he's got a gentle soul. But seeing pictures of him when he was young (esp in the above video).. he kinda got that rebellious look. But I think must be the make-up and clothes and hair bah.

{In the previous entry, I must have been kidding myself. I have not seen Michael's moonwalk before. I'd only seen people doing his moonwalk.}

www.youtube.com/watch =----> Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (1983) [Motown 25 Live]


Thoughts of Jackson's passing I

Jackson has passed on.

This is a great, great loss. I still am 'coming to terms' with it; even though I am a non-fan. It is such a shock since Jackson's presence has always been huge worldwide. He's a phenomenon in itself. He's perfect tabloid fodder. It's rather surreal to realise that never again will we read about his weird doings, weird goings-on in Neverland, his breakthroughs in music..

I haven't been following any news of Jackson (except of late), nor have I heard any of his songs. I only read stuff that comes out in our papers. 'wacko' and 'distressing' is what comes to mind when I think of him. 'waste of talent' and 'sad life' is what comes to mind - for now - when I think of him.

The only Jackson stuff I have seen is his MoonWalk and a short MTV of him from his early days, dancing with his back-up dancers like a zombie. (Thriller?) Even then, those were but vague memories.

This feels a tad reminiscent of the post-Leslie days, although I'm not infatuated with Jackson. Thoughts running through my head though, wonder why he left so early, wonder what's (related to him) going to happen in future. A part of me already 'misses' the fact that I'll no longer read about him, except of the memories of people who knew and/or loved him.

Tempted though I may be to search news on Jackson, to listen to his songs, to read more of his biography, I'd do well to steer clear of all these stuff for now.

I do so love men (humans) of talent. Can't resist them, for the life of me =(
RIP Jackson =)

What a sad life you must have led..to have driven you to do what you have done.

When one day I finally listen to your music and watch your videos, I believe you'll far surpass Presley. I believe you will not disappoint my expectations of you. ^^

Luck to Jackson's family and friends  <33
And fans.

Only days ago I was reading about Lady Gaga's granny-underpants-as-hot-pants story. And now, Jackson's.... But a long time seemed to have passed between these two stories. Although it was only a day or two..